Candle Subscription



Treat yourself or someone you care about to a three or six month supply of candles!

Fancy a sumptuous plant-based candle arriving on your doorstep every month? Who wouldn’t? SevenSeventeen candles are the ultimate affordable luxury – and now you need never run out of them.

With our 120ml jars offering 30-50 hours burn time, lucky recipients will get to enjoy lighting a calming candle for over an hour a day each month for a gorgeous pampering ritual.

Better yet, you’ll receive a gorgeous succulent from Miss Mole’s Flower Emporium free with your first candle. The idea is that once you’ve finished burning your sumptuous scent, simply pop the succulent into the jar for an Instagram-worthy upcycling fix!

With today's busy lifestyle it's all too easy to forget to pause, relax and unwind. So let us remove the stress of remembering to take time for yourself with a SevenSeventeen candle subscription. Whether it’s a treat for yourself or for a birthday, baby shower or wedding gift, nothing says relax quite like it.

As always, £1 from each candle will still be donated to PANDAS Foundation, helping women with pre and postnatal depression.

*We are unable to take requests for specific scents with our subscription service. Instead, each month will bring you a wonderful new scent surprise.

**Please click on the three or six month delivery option at checkout

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